I am a full-time freelance writer with a lifetime passion for fitness. I believe that health and physical wellbeing starts with perspective, and changing how we view our struggle to be a better version of ourselves. I am here to help anyone beginning their journey through that area. My goal is to offer personal assistance as well as motivation to fitness beginners, there is a lot of information at our fingertips thanks to modern technologies, but not all of them are "the only" or even "the best" as they claim, that is for you to decide for yourself! I'm excited to start this journey with you!


  XHIT Daily is a fantastic resource for quick fitness breaks throughout the day. If you are like me and don’t always have time for a 2-hour gym trip all at once, taking your workout in doses is a great way to boost your energy. I just tried this one and love it! I hope you […]


Meet Your Trainer!

At close to 9 lbs I came kicking and screaming into the world with not one, but two sets of the chubbiest cheeks you’ve ever seen. One of them went away with time while the other plagued every family, school, or friend group picture I ever took. Up until a certain age that trait is […]